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Probiotic solutions for dairy

Our science-based probiotics help maintain the health and performance of cattle.

It’s said that we are what we eat. The same is true for cattle. Fresh, nutritious silage is key to ensuring optimum health and performance. 

Containing unique strains of lactic acid bacteria, our science-based silage inoculants have been shown to enhance silage quality by improving fermentation, while inhibiting the growth of yeast and mold.

Our silage inoculants and probiotic solutions counts for research-proven results including:

Silage inoculants

  • Superior aerobic stability
  • Early opening – stable silage at 7 days of fermentation
  • Increased dry matter recovery
  • Reduced spoilage
  • Improved palatability
  • Enhanced nutrient preservation

Probiotic solutions

  • Improved digestive function and stability 
  • Improved energy capture and nutrient absorption and utilization 
  • Stimulated beneficial immune responsiveness 
  • Enhanced natural defenses against harmful bacteria

The strains in our products are compatible with a wide range of feed supplements, including antibiotics. Browse our Probiotic solutions for more information on our BOVAMINE® range of probiotics